Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random post.

Last thursday was the day I step into the cinema again after 6 or so months...
And the movie I watched was 'Soul Code'...
Some Thai horror movie...
Should have watch Tropic Thunder instead with WenDee and Eu..
What's worst is that...
the 3 衰男人 sitting beside me keep 吹水ing about things unrelated to the movie...
So freaking noisy...
I was so scared that the Indian fellow sitting on my other side would stand up and give them a tight slap or shout at them...
But luckily... he just sit there and enjoy the movie...
And they wanna leave halfway throughout the show...
Of course I say I don't want... I'm not going to waste my money eventhough the show's erm.. not up to par la...
And then on the way home... they asked me something kinda.. private... and confidential..
I refused to tell them since secondary school..
Why am I going to tell them now.. Wait for 5 or 10 more years or so...
Haha.. XD

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Went to another Deepavali open house today...
The food is JUST so delicious too...
and there's Sweet and Sour Brinjals too!!
And other delicious stuffs there on my plate..
there's the nasi briyani...
Eventhough I had my dental appointment yesterday and the wire of my braces are tightened.. I still managed to chew through all the yummy food easily...

Friday, October 24, 2008

GdLuck to me tomorrow!

MalaysianStudies midterm tomorrow!
Don't really have to study I think...
Whatever the questions there may be, I'll just write whatever that is on my mind..
And it's an open book test... Haha.

Went to an Deepavali open house just now..
The brinjals/eggplant/aubergines are just fantastically yuMMy!!
Albeit they are a bit spicy, yet they are still delicious.
No pictures hoh... Cuz' didn bring da camera...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's October already♥

Me, Susu and Ee went out today.
And me and Ee finally get our long awaited piercings done.
Ee has her tragus pierced..
I've been toying with that idea to get my nose pierce since... last year.
After someone said something(nice) about my nose and piercing..
And I found out something fascinating..
Apparently, in Sounthern India, the right nostril is the preferred position of the piercing as this is supposed to make childbirth easier.. ~~
ABout my navel piercing... that will have to wait... ha
Finally we get our fulfilled our 'hajat' and voila~.. here's the picpics. hAhA.
Awaiting for my next piercing~♥

Nose Stud Ear piercing.

Banana♥ No 1

Banana♥ No 1
What more can I say... It's a banana~

Banana♥ No 2

Banana♥ No 2
Biggie Banana~

蕉蕉♥ No 3

蕉蕉♥ No 3
From LiLReD! Loveeeee it!

Bana蕉♥ No 4

Bana蕉♥ No 4
Given to me by Rachel!!~~ ♥ *luvs*


In S'pore

♥Crocs in S'pore♥

♥Crocs in S'pore♥
This is the most comfortable shoe in the world, next to Birkenstock.