Tuesday, March 31, 2009


OTM= Okestra Tradisional Malaysia.
That's the orchestra I'm currently involved in.
It's some orchestra that's formed by the people of IstanaBudaya.
This is an orchestra that combines instruments of different races and ethnics in Malaysia.
Together we'll make music and live in harmony...
Muhibbah! Wahahahaaaaaaaaa....
I'm playing ZhongHu instead of erhu.
I think I sucks cuz' the conductor keep saying: zhonghu, check your pitching ya~
Then he'll request for a D note and ask us to tune our instrument.
Not sure if it's me... ... Maybe it's me... but then again, maybe it's not me... with the pitching problems... >.<
There's a recording last Sunday for promotional purposes so we went to IB and playplayplay~
Because I'm such a jakun, I ran around the orchestra during our rest time and took picture with different instruments.
Felt very happy after that because I get to feel and touch the various special instruments.
My MalaysianMusic teacher would be very happy too if she's there...

The Rebab~(See the gamelan behind)

The fake sape players and the real player(Guy on left)

Gambus/ Oud

Me and the gaohu player.

OTM(p.s Try to find me.. Somewhere in the left)(p.s.s See the sitar player somewhere on the right, it's Kumar Kathigesu! SitarGuru!) :P

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can't sleep yet...

Just reached home from somewhere...
And now I'm rushing my Business assignment due Friday...
Suffer now so I don't need to suffer tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1st timer.

Last Sunday, it was my friend and she's also my secondary school senior's BIG day...
Went to Jaya Palace Restaurant in PJ for the wedding dinner...

After the dinner, the Queen of the Day and her gang wanted to go clubbing, so I tagged along...
Wahahaa... I'm the only underaged one...
But... I look old so nevermind...
Went to AvenueK, Quattro's Autumn Club.
*The season I'm born in* Hahaa
Even before we went into the club, I can hear the bass thumping as loud as ever, the music so loud, and it's like so dark inside... *Orang jakun I am...
And before stepping into the club, one of the bouncer stamped something on my left hand...
I thought his stamp ran out of ink cuz' I can't see nothing on my hand...
Then, stepping into the club, another bouncer was holding some ultraviolet torchlight or something, and shine the light onto my hand, and then, there it is, the club logo, can only be seen under the UV torchlight...
Luckily they did not check my ID... cuz' it's a club for 21YO and above..
Anyways, conclusion is... At the end of the day, felt happy... Cuz' someone was hitting on me that night... A guy so coincidently is from my school too... It would be so good too if we coincidently meet each other in school... WahahhaaXD
I was staying in LRed's house that day...
So paiseh... She had to be awake until the wee hours of the morning to wait for me to be home...
Like the laopo waiting for the laogong... Hahahaha...XD
That day, slept at 4... And was feeling so tired. I think I danced too much that night...
Luckily I did not puke..

Took picture with the wrong 'season'.

The Happiest 'woman' of the day

Me and the Pine(i think he's a bit tipsy)

Didn't take any pics with the others cuz' was not that close with em'

Sunday, March 01, 2009

So fast!?

It's March already...

*freaks out silently*

Banana♥ No 1

Banana♥ No 1
What more can I say... It's a banana~

Banana♥ No 2

Banana♥ No 2
Biggie Banana~

蕉蕉♥ No 3

蕉蕉♥ No 3
From LiLReD! Loveeeee it!

Bana蕉♥ No 4

Bana蕉♥ No 4
Given to me by Rachel!!~~ ♥ *luvs*


In S'pore

♥Crocs in S'pore♥

♥Crocs in S'pore♥
This is the most comfortable shoe in the world, next to Birkenstock.