Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hey All!

Happy New Year to everyone!
I am aware that today is still the 31st of December...
Just to wish y'all early cuz' I'll not be here at midnight...
I'll be in coundown-ing in Genting!!
I was going to update about my trip to Singapore and Penang..
But I'm so out of time I guess I have to postpone it till next year...:P
Check out the sidebar..
I've put some pics there~~

This is the last post for the year 2008.
It's been a great year..
Get to know many new great friends...
Gained many new experiences (both wacky and enlightening)
Got 2 new piercings (More to come in the future)
and many many more...
Bye 2008!! I'll miss ya~

Monday, December 22, 2008

Trip again..

I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow...
Kinda impromtu...
Thanks to my friends for informing me so late...
Only started to pack my stuffs today..
Passport. Check. Money. Check. Clothes. Check.
I think I have readied all the essential stuffs...
Then probably will be going to Penang after S'pore...
My favourite place in Malaysia~
Last week is one very hectic week due to The camp and The competition...
And today I finally get to relax a bit...

Gonna stop here...
Gonna continue with my packing...
There's always be stuff to be packed.
I'll never be satisfied... :p

I guess I'll be spending Christmas alone, again...
Lonely, lonely Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Good luck to everyone who's having their finals!
After this week, then I'm gonna be free, free, FREE!
Yes! Counting down the days to this Saturday... ~
Gonna study Film and Arts now... >.<

Banana♥ No 1

Banana♥ No 1
What more can I say... It's a banana~

Banana♥ No 2

Banana♥ No 2
Biggie Banana~

蕉蕉♥ No 3

蕉蕉♥ No 3
From LiLReD! Loveeeee it!

Bana蕉♥ No 4

Bana蕉♥ No 4
Given to me by Rachel!!~~ ♥ *luvs*


In S'pore

♥Crocs in S'pore♥

♥Crocs in S'pore♥
This is the most comfortable shoe in the world, next to Birkenstock.