Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Recital. . . . . . .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Korea Part 2

Day 3
Woke up at 7 and breakfast at 8.
Choir practice.
Mr Q came in and pulled WaiKit away, just for some checkup thinigy I think...
Continued practicing...
Today's Atelier Concert cancelled..
4 of Waikit's room mates are quarantined in the Sky House...
Cannot have our dinner outside the resort already....
Stayed in the resort and ate dinner here...
Finished dinner, watched TV...
Called to gather in the practice room, Mr Ian briefed us on something....
Everything was kinda serious... *Takut takut*
Slept at 2.

Day 4
Woke up at 7 again and breakfast at 9.
We had to eat after the Indonesian group has taken their breakfast...
Cuz' they don't wanna get 'infected' by us..
Finished breakfast went back to my room and slept till lunch..
Watched TV.
1st temperature check... :37.3 and 2nd time 37.1. 3rd check 37.4. Like quite serious... >.<

Emo-ing and hiding inside my comforter cuz' of my temperature...
(But if you look closely I am smiling...ahaha)

Had dinner, had to use the back door to go in the cafeteria...
Played some games later.. and everyone was feeling happy...
The nightsky is so beautiful.... The clouds are kinda like aurora... BEAUTIFUL!

Day 5
Woken up early in the morning by bangings on the door... We were asked to pack all our stuffs cuz' we might need to change room and 3 cases of H1NI has been confirmed from our group..
Went back to sleep and was woken up again to eat breakfast...
Temperature check: 37.1
Called back home....
Watched TV.
Temperature check: 36.9
Took the Tamiflu...
Wendee has some problems swallowing the tamiflu.... so kesian...


Day 6
Breakfast at 9.
Medicine time at 10.
Temperature check: 36.9
Watched TV.
Nothing to do so I washed my clothes and we swept the floor...
Suddenly we saw a fly inside our room. So Rachel hit it... Hahaha..
Temperature check: 1st:37.1 2nd:37.0
Got a new mask today...
Nothing special today...

*updated (3/9/09)*

Day 7

Breakfast at 8.30 Temperature Check:37.1 and 37.0

Ate vitamins, watched TV, washed clothes, resume TV-ing...

Lunch at 12.15pm. Bath and washed clothes again.... Dinner at 6.

Temperature check: 37.0 and 37.1

Tried to call back using the resort office's phone but failed.

Watched CSI with Rachel while he others are playing chor dai di...


Day 8

Woke up at 7.35am. Breakfast at 8.15am.

Temperature check: 36.8 am. Yes!

Sleep again. Wake up for lunch. Watch TV. Sleep.

Woke up for temperature check: 37.2, 37.2, 37.1, 37.2... hmm

Dinner at 6. Walk around the resort. Bath. Washed clothes, watched 'Chucky'... Sleep.

Day 9

Woke up at 5.45am. Temperature check at 7.30am: 36.8

Did some exercises with everyone... Breakfast at 8am. Took photos. Came back and watched TV. Sleep. Lunch at 12.05am.. Played the piano for a while. Briefing till 2pm. We'll be performing at 9pm tonight in this resort. Temperature check at 5pm: 37.2 and 37.0.

Dinner at 6.. ate barbequed pork...~~ Last dinner in Korea... Dressed up got ready to perform..

Day 10

Woke up at 4.40 by knockings on the door. It's time to go home...

We have 1 hour to pack everything...

Everyone gathered in front of the resort at 6am.

We headed towards the Jeju Airport by bus.

and we are on the way back to MALAYSIA!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Finally I have the time to update about my trip to South Korea.
Erm. I don't know how to start...
But 1 thing I know for sure, is that I MISS KOREA!!~~~
If I can stay there... syok lo...

Actually I've written a journal about the days spent in Korea.
I'll just briefly go through them.

Day 1 (2009/07/14)
Gathered in school at 6.15pm and reached KLIA some time later...
Board the plane, nice view, good service, quite comfy, but has little leg space...
Nothing much, sleeping most of the time...

Day 2
Reached Incheon Airport in Seoul at 7 something in the morning.
Feeling slightly drowsy... Sat the transit flight to Gimpo Airport.
In between, we toured around Seoul in the bus and stop to take pictures outside the Blue House.
(Something like the White House :P)
Ate in a Korean Restaurant that is quite homey... 1st Korean food in Korea.
Went to Dragon Head Rock and took pictures...
Ate dinner in another restaurant and Korean food again... Very NICE! Lots of Kimchi and Seaweed...
Finally, reached the resort some time later. Tired and dirty... Glad that we finally can have some rest...
Not as luxurious as a hotel but still quite comfy and homey... Hahaha...
There's no beds in the rooms... and we slept on futons..
Need some time to get use to that...
We have only a TV and a fridge and the futons/pillows inside our room.. >.<
I slept on the right side of the room.
Beside me in Rachel, then WenDee and PikYing.

p.s. That messy messy one is Wendee's... :P

To be continued..............

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pretty please?

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I think you would know which one is me... The one with the yellow shoes... Hahaha~
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update from Korea

I'm in Korea now~
WenDee is sitting beside me and is blogging too... hahaa

Day 2 only, but there's a lot of stuff happening already...
Will be performing tomorrow...
And, I kinda like the food here...
Korean food everyday...
and I don't have to pay for it!!

3minutes left, gotta off the computer already...


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Night In M'sia

...for this week.
For those who don't know, we, our school choir will be going to Korea and perform.
I don't know how are the others are feeling..
But I don't feel a thing...
Suppose to be feeling excited+nervous+I-can't-sleep-tonight!!!+happy+whatever....... ...
But I don't feel a thing...
Maybe when tomorrow comes, I'll feel it...
It might be because I'm very very tired and busy these few weeks....
(Performances+Assignment+Quizzes+Practice+social+some other weird stuff)
Got sikit sot sot ady..
OK! Gotta sleep early!

It's the anticipation that matters~

Banana♥ No 1

Banana♥ No 1
What more can I say... It's a banana~

Banana♥ No 2

Banana♥ No 2
Biggie Banana~

蕉蕉♥ No 3

蕉蕉♥ No 3
From LiLReD! Loveeeee it!

Bana蕉♥ No 4

Bana蕉♥ No 4
Given to me by Rachel!!~~ ♥ *luvs*


In S'pore

♥Crocs in S'pore♥

♥Crocs in S'pore♥
This is the most comfortable shoe in the world, next to Birkenstock.